Car Fragrance Diffuser

$9.00 each

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From floral to fruity or masculine to sweet, we have a wide rangeof variants for you to choose from. This beautiful and aromatic car diffuser will make you relax and fresh! Using the very best in Base Oil & Fragrance Oils.


*Long Lasting- 5 to 6 weeks*Elegant- decorative design for your personal or work car.*Multi Purpose- Ideal for freshening Car, Closets...*Wood absorbing cap

Instructions for use:1) Remove the wooden lid.2) Remove the plastic stopper.3) Retwist the wooden lid back on tight.4) Tilt unit upside down just enough to wet the wood, but not too much to leak though.5) Enjoy the wonderful scents.6) Repeat steps when diffuser loses fragrance.

Choose from 11 different colours and many different fragrances.

Dimensions: Glass Bottle with cap: 5cm x 2.5cmVolume: 6 - 8ml


Do Not Swallow / Keep out of reach from children Tilting might lead to leakage / Do not use on skin / irritation may occur / Care should be taken not to spill the liquid on any surface.

Please note:  The colour may slightly differ from the one shown in the photo to ensure uniqueness. The photos speak for themselves, however in some cases the actual colour of the product can be different from the one shown in the picture due to the setting of your computer display’s appearance OR camera lighting & quality.

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